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Diabetes, in which your body loses its ability to control blood sugar levels, is one of the most painful lifestyle conditions to have in today’s time and age. Diabetes is known to slow down our healing due to various issues and impacts it has on our body. This presents a new set of questions and concerns among those prepared to try alternative remedies for various diseases. Read the space below to get details about the dental implants for diabetics and the perfect solution for a better smile.

Getting a dental implant is one of these options. The difficulty is that while diabetes is hurting your entire health, a lost tooth might worsen the disease over time. Because a missing tooth can cause your cheeks to wrinkle and bring more signs of aging to your face than age alone.

However, since dental implants are titanium posts put into your jaw bone that take at least six months to heal, diabetes may represent a significant concern for patients considering implants.

In this instance, people with diabetes have every right to inquire about the safety of dental implants. Here’s a quick rundown of the situation so you can acquire all the information you need before your dental implant treatment.

Not only are dental implants safe for diabetics, but switching from dentures to more permanent dental implants can enhance diabetes patients’ health.

Implants prevent the inflammation, discomfort, and infections that are more frequent with dentures or diseased teeth, in addition to allowing people with diabetes to eat a well-balanced diet easily. While it’s true that people with diabetes may require particular pre-and post-implant care to ensure success, recent studies have shown that dental implants are safe for people who have diabetes under control.

How Does Diabetes Affect My Dental Implant Prospects?

“When diabetes is effectively controlled, implant treatments are safe and predictable, with a complication rate equivalent to that of healthy patients,” researchers discovered in a study on dental implants and diabetes. This is fantastic news for diabetic adults who need a tooth replaced or seek a more secure and long-lasting option for dentures.

Here are some things to think about if you want to make sure dental implants are a good fit for you:

Dental implants can assist you in eating a diabetes-friendly diet.

Have you noticed that the healthiest diabetes diets include many fresh, natural foods that demand more chewing effort? Compared to dentures, the permanent nature of dental implants makes it much easier to eat the foods you require.

Dentures are considerably more likely to move around, causing gum irritation and blisters. Foods requiring a stronger bite force, such as healthy, high-fiber veggies, can be difficult to consume.

Dentures produce poor fit, irritation, and discomfort, so people are more likely to eat less or consume the incorrect foods, preferring softer, processed, higher-carb options. It may become impossible to control blood sugar levels due to this.

Diabetes And Dental Implantation

Diabetes has a wide range of side effects that might be classified as disruptive. There are several choices available for patients with diabetes who want to replace a missing tooth. People usually choose a dental implant when they want a treatment that lasts a long time, looks as close to a natural tooth as possible and supports the rest of their teeth.

However, they rely on the body’s natural healing abilities to integrate the root into the jawbone. Following that, the gums recover around the implant. This healing process gives the implant the appearance of a natural tooth and makes it a more permanent alternative to bridges and dentures. However, as previously mentioned, diabetes obstructs the healing process, increasing the risks of implant failure dramatically.

While implants have a high success rate (95%) when properly cared for, they can still fail if necessary care is not followed. Furthermore, an underlying disease such as diabetes can significantly lower the success rate.

Is It, However, Safe?

Yes, you can obtain a dental implant if your diabetes is properly controlled and you have excellent overall health. Compared to bridges and dentures, a dental implant is a better alternative for healing and adhering to a diabetes-friendly diet. If you keep your health in check, you won’t have to worry about implant failure. It is also critical to divulge your complete medical history to your dentist to determine whether you are eligible for an implant.

If you’d like to learn more about whether dental implants are safe for people with diabetes, please get in touch with us. We’ll conduct a thorough examination and refer you to one of our oral surgeons for further evaluation. Oral hygiene is the next greatest thing you can do to take care of your entire body!

A thorough evaluation is required before the tooth implant operation. Meet the pros at Positive Dental for the greatest outcomes and comprehensive care for all of your dental requirements. Make an appointment with a professional right now.

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