Dental Check Up

A routine dental check up is necessary for an individual every 6 months. A visit to the dentist involves a two-step process.

  1. Examination
  2. Investigations


The dentist examines the hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity. Hard tissues such as teeth in upper and lower jaws, bone consistency and also check for any deformities or defects. Teeth are checked for decays, fractures, malalignment, defects, and decay on the crown and root portions, attrition of teeth, abrasion and any other natural or unnatural defects on the teeth are identified.

Soft tissues include cheek, tongue, and floor of mouth, palate, and gums. The dentist checks for any abnormal morphologies or any growth, discontinuity, discoloration, swelling and etc.


Dental Check Up


Plaque and calculus are a major part of dental disease these are checked in both hard and soft tissues. Once both hard and soft tissues examination is done, the clinician will assess the oral hygiene status and recommend the required or necessary ailments.


The doctor with the assessment will come to a provisional diagnosis if any will prescribed or advice the required investigations such as X-Rays, OPG, Cephalogram, Blood investigations, and other investigations.

To summarize the dental check up:

  • Dental doctors will assess the oral hygiene status.
  • Tooth risks such as decay, gum or bone diseases
  • Need for replacement of missing teeth.
  • Restoration of decayed teeth.
  • Jaws problems.
  • Deposits (plaque and calculus) on teeth.
  • Investigations – x- rays, OPG and etc.
  • Educate patient regarding maintenance of oral health.

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